Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Virgin Sex Stories


True story my first threesome
My first story: Mom Takes Five
The story of my first time(s)
Beth and Len
Virginity Lost Abroad
My very special first time, true story PART 1
Train Ride to remember
Sam and I
Sara's Tutor
Co-Worker fun
Ashley...My first time with a stranger!
Girlfriend Boyfriend first time, Still in love
And there is one less virgin
Tasteastethe british
The Virgin
Tracy gets Her Brother 1
The Ceremony
For the Queen
First Time With Sam
Chloe's Initiation
Wild Friday Night
The consequence
First blow job
Elevated Corruption
Older Sister and Younger Brother Shower
Little bro gets big sis
My life turned around in a day - a true story
My life turned around in a day - a true story. (part 2)
How I Lost My Virginity
First time
The Virgin Fuck Pt.1
Virgin untill trip to the bank at age 14
Lost Weekend
Babysitting and reaping the benefits
Ember's house
I Wasn't Ready
Casual Sex
Rite of Passage
P>P Attack
The Outcast's Dream
Amanda's College Education
My first to everything. (Part 1)
Invited over
The best math class I have ever taken
Fun in the Sun
Taking Valarie's Cherry in an unromantic way
A gymnasts first time (part 1)
A gymnasts first time (part 2)
A gymnasts first time (part 3)
A gymnasts first time (part 4)
a gymnasts first time (part 5)
a gymnasts first time (part 6)
A gymnasts first time (part 7)
Steph And Me
Opening Laurie
Teen Explorers
Horomon ridden boy
Becky's Babysitter
My personal first time
Her First Time
The virgin boss and I
Heated Encounter
Virgin Fantasies Become Reality
Virgin Fantasies Become Reality, Part II
Virgin Fantasies Become Reality, Part III
Friendly Neighborhood BJ
A Night With Hermione
a journey or discovery
takeing my co-worker verginty
My Brother and I
Humiliated by my best friend's mom!!!
The Perfect First Time
All I Ever Wanted
My First Time
School Marm
I Don't Wanna Be Friends Part 1
Worth the Wait
Apartment Delight, I tricked the landlord
high school boys part 1
Not quite divorced
to fuck a thief
A Confession? Epilogue...
High-School lovers
The Beautiful Jen
party cherry pop
Sick of being a virgin
I Don't Wanna Be Friends PART 2
my baby First time
Teaching her how
threes a party at the park
Breaking the Virginity Of A VNS Schoolgirl
Her Brother’s Best Friend
halloween truth or dare
Pool Party, Parts 1 and 2
Horny Female Doctor
Young neighbor-has first sex
Bethan's first time
Her 1st Time
The Sweet Secret
Age doesnt matter, my love
Carley - the babysitter
The Water's Pleasure
My First Time
The Honeymooners
Good Girl
Sex Under the Drums
Becky Becomes A Slut
Step Uncle Does Me
I finally said - Yes
Their First Time
first sex with a librarian
Peyton's visit
My First Time Was Prom Night...